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Advances in polymer technologies have revolutionised the automotive industry in the past few years with the advent of self-healing paint protection films. These complex films form a protective shield across the high traffic areas of your car and take the damage so your paintwork doesn’t. When the film is exposed to heat the polymers activate and migrate back to the original state ‘healing’ the damage. This heat can come in the form of hot water when you wash your car or just sunlight.

The cost of the film is about the same as a single front end re-spray and unlike the paintwork is guaranteed for 10 years offering extensive protection from chips, scratches and swirl marks.

The PPF is applied on site by vehicle graphics specialists APM Customs who have over 20 years experience in this specialist field; we can also offer full colour change wraps, vehicle sign writing and window tinting.


Our very own on site detailing centre are using companies incorporating Koch Chemie, Swissvax and GTechniq. With trained detailers and a completely unique detailing bay with a three-car clean and light room it is a state of the art facility offering state of the art techniques.

Packages are available to SMC clients please call on 01244 539760.