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Vehicle Security

"Criminals will always look for new ways to steal cars; it’s an ongoing battle and why manufacturers continue to invest billions in ever more sophisticated security features."

There are always ways to make the security of your vehicle one step up either physically using a pedal lock or quick release steering wheel on your defender.

Or what is asked for alot these days is a tracking device either by your insurance company or for your own peace of mind. We also supply for fleets of vehicles.

Working with SmarTrack the multiple award winning stolen vehicle tracking devices/tracker brand, winning 21 Industry Awards within 12 years. SmarTrack devices use the latest in tracking technology having built in aerials making the tracker harder to trace if your vehicle is stolen. Our tracking devices (trackers) use GPS, GSM and GPRS to send information to the to the Secure Global Telemetrics Control Centre.

Security cameras are also availiable including a hardwiring service to enable recording when you are not in the vehicle. Protecting yourself and protecting others.

For more information please call on 01244 539760.